Wet winter weather and the harsh heat and sun of summer can take its toll on the condition of your roof. Because of that, spring and fall are perfect times to inspect your roof and perform any needed maintenance.

Roofing Contractor Recommendation

Follow these steps to ensure your roof is ready for the coming fall and winter weather:

  1. Hire either a roofer or a handyman to climb on top of your roof and assess its condition. Climbing on your roof is never a good idea unless you absolutely have to do so. It’s always better to hire a professional to inspect the exterior of your roof.
  2. Either an experienced handyman or a roofing company can provide you with a good assessment of your roof’s condition.
    Inspect your roof yourself from the attic. Check for smell of mildew, brown spots or other signs of water damage. Turn off the lights and look for places where light is shining through the roof. Any area where light is shining through will turn into a leak if it’s not repaired.
  3. Schedule repairs well in advance of winter weather. Many areas of the country start to experience rain and snow during the fall months. Be sure your roof is repaired beforehand to prevent even more costly repairs that could come about as a result of leaks.

When it comes to your roof, a little time spent in maintenance twice a year could mean the difference between paying for repairs and paying for a new roof.

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Image: Hundred House roof lines / Groton School / CC BY 2.0