Roof - Attic Roofing contractors may soon be offering a new way to help save you money on your energy bill. Many roof and attic systems on the market today are very efficient at keeping attics cool in the summer or at reducing heat loss in the winter, but none have excelled at handling both concerns. It has seemed that to have both would be impossible unless a homeowner install multiple systems. That is until the recent announcement of a new product in the testing phase at the Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

How New Roofing System Works

The new system pulls air from the underside of the attic and pushes out over the roof, but it is an entirely passive system, which means little concern of needed repairs. The polystyrene insulation that helps reduce heat loss in the winter months is installed between the rafters of the attic and works with almost every type of roofing offered by a roofing company, so there is no need to wait until the roof is replaced.

How New Roofing System Efficient

Not only does this new system show greater efficiency than the other systems on the market, it is also highly affordable. Instead of paying about eight thousand dollars for spray-in insulation, homeowners can pay a quarter of that and have this new system installed, which contends with heat loss and summertime cooling. The potential savings is estimated at $100 per year. Perhaps the greater benefit is a more comfortable living space as the attic works in favor of a consistent temperature year round.

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Image: attic 2 / ToddonFlickr / CC BY 2.0