Do you need roof repair or a whole new roof? This is a big decision for most homeowners and commercial building owners who have a budget to keep under control.

A new roof is a very important investment for your home or business. Considering the protection and energy savings a new roof can provide—not to mention the increased value to the property—it’s definitely a worthwhile expenditure. But before you commit to that investment, it’s a good idea to carefully inspect your existing roof. It’s entirely possible that all you need are a few repairs to make your existing roof last for the next several years.

Here are a few important things to watch for when you inspect your current roof and a money-saving tip if you decide to invest in a new roof:

Roof Repair or New Roof – Shingles

Look for broken, curled or cracked shingles. If you find just a few areas with damaged shingles, a repair might be sufficient. But if your whole roof is covered with damaged shingles, it’s best to have it replaced.

Roof Repair or New Roof – Flashing

Check the conditioning of flashing around chimneys or pipes. Flashing is the metal or rubber material that goes around any protrusion in the roof. If the flashing is damaged or loose, it’s important to have it replaced since these areas are susceptible to leaks.

Roof Repair or New Roof – Layering

Finally, if you do decide to purchase a new roof, ask your roofing contractor if it can be installed over the existing roof. If this is possible, you’ll save on the cost of tearing off the existing roofing material.

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Image: Hundred House roof lines / Groton School / CC BY 2.0