When the holidays come around, it’s tempting to go all out with decorations. While it may be fun to impress your neighbors and friends with an amazing array, it’s important to not do damage to your home in the process. As a roofing company, we have a few tips for decking the halls without causing home damage to the following:


Avoid putting decorations on your rooftop. The roof is designed to protect your home from water, snow and ice damage, and poking holes in it to install decorations can lead to leaks and other damage that would require roof repair. Rather than taking the risk of harming your roof, secure lights and ornaments to the wooden trim boards on the perimeter of your roof instead. Normally these trim boards are located where the gable ends and fascia are installed. Use caution not to puncture the metal drip edge.


Also avoid puncturing gutters, which can lead to leaks and eventually more damage to the gutters themselves. If you secure decorations to the gutters, use plastic clips.

Exterior Walls

The best solution is to install decorations on the exterior walls of your home rather than the roof or gutters. Here again, be careful not to insert screws or nails near joints on the exterior wall, since that could cause your siding to split at some time in the future.

Have fun decorating, but remember these important tips to avoid causing damage to your home and roofing.

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Image: Hundred House roof lines / Groton School / CC BY 2.0