roofYou hear the dripping sound before you see it, as the water begins to slide along the entertainment system threatening to drown your video game console and Blu-ray disc player in brownish liquid. As you run over to save your electronics, you see where the culprit roof leak is located as the water spot grows along your ceiling.

Large, sudden rain downpours can cause water to get under shingles or around roof nails to enter your home. While it would be great if you could snap your fingers and have a roof repair specialist appear in seconds to fix the leak, you will most often have to wait a few days before the repairman can show up. Yet this doesn’t mean your possessions should get damaged while you wait.

Emergency Roof Patch Tips

Below are a few roof repair tips you can use to temporarily fix the problem so that you can stop water from entering your home. Remember, these are only temporary fixes. Don’t expect it to last forever.

Tip #1: Sheet Metal

You’ll have to wait until the rain stops to get up on the roof for this repair. If a shingle is damaged as it is allowing water to enter, you can slide a piece of sheet metal under the shingles above where the damaged shingle is located. This will divert water away from the leaking spot.

Tip #2: Indoor Patch

You can make an emergency patch to place on the leak inside your home to stop the water from entering. A type of putty material called roof patch works great when you know where the leak is. Smear it on the problem area with a putty knife as you push the material into all the crevices.

Save Your Belongings from Leaking Roofs

Leaking roofs can be a financial burden, but don’t add to the costs by allowing your possessions to get ruined. Use the above tips to stop roof leaks before they spread.



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