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Austin Roofing Contractors See Increase in Solar Panels

Roofers in Austin, Texas installed a record number of solar panels in 2012, thanks in part to the Austin Energy rebate program, which reimburses customers $2 per watt, in addition to commercial incentives. This generous rebate ends up providing coverage for a substantial portion of installing a solar panel.

Filled with photovoltaic cells, solar panels work by converting sunshine into an electrical current that is capable of powering up to one half of an average household’s needs.

These rebates and incentives help the city diversify its generation of energy with clean, renewable electricity, while supporting residential customers, municipalities, libraries, schools, and business enterprises with clean energy solutions.

Record Number of Solar Photovoltiacs Rebates

In 2012, Austin Energy issued a record number of 463 rebates, which marked an increase of 40 percent over the previous fiscal year. Currently, Austin Energy has offered more than 1,900 rebates for solar panel installations, since its solar energy rebate program began eight years earlier.

In addition to an Austin roofing company providing energy efficient solar panel installation, there are more local solar installation companies opening for business to meet consumer demands.

Beside being a source of clean technology, solar panels add to a home’s resale value.

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Image: Dow Chemical new solar shingles / Communications Manager / CC BY 2.0